"Chain letter " på DVD i februari

Nu är det bekräftat att filmen "Chain Letter" som Nikki är med i kommer att komma ut på DVD och Blue-Ray i Februari 2011 !
Så här skriver n-Reed .com ;
The film “Chain Letter”  director Deon Taylor did not last long in theaters, but will come back on DVD and Blu-ray in two months by Image Entertainment.

E-mail. Phones and text messages, these technological marvels are considered by many life-saving devices.  But what if these contributions become an instrument of murder – when his death is announced as the subject in an e-mail? On 01 February, Image Entertainment will release the story of a deadly statement to kill the recipient who dare to break the chain. Chain Letter will be available on DVD for a price of $ 27.97 and on Blu-ray player for $ 29.97.


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