Frågor till Nikki + Svar

Här är några frågor som fans har ställt till Nikki och hon har svarat på dem.

What's your favorite color? :D

Nikki replies: That changes, quite often, but today its green :)

Who is your best friend?

Nikki replies: I can't say I have ONE particular friend thats my best friend, only because I have a few great people around me. Rob, DJ, and Kristen, are my closest friends...I also have some friends that I grew up with, and I don't know what I'd do without them...

Which are your favourite designers?

Nikki replies: Ahhhhh I'm not good with designers!! I think my favorite items in my closet were most likely found at some thrift store in NY which I'll never be able to find again!

Hey Nikki - I just loved 13 and I really felt for Evie. I was wondering, what do you think happened to her? Where is she now and is she happy?

Nikki replies: Evie was definitely a composite character, based on a couple of people I knew. Also, I haven't spoken to any of the girls in that "crowd", since junior high, so I can't speak on how they are doing....sorry!!!

What's your favorite place/city to live in?

Nikki replies: New York!

Hello Nikki! I've a couple of questions for you ...What is your favourite country? Also, if you weren't an actress, what would you like to be? That's it, thank you very much. I love you!

Nikki replies: I would have to say Russia. This may just be because I had such a great experience there, and I continued to go back consistently for almost a year. (Yes, there may have been a boy involved)...What would I like to be if I weren't an actress? Well, I don't know what other job "title" I'd have, but I would like to write poetry in a small apartment somewhere in Europe. Of course I would make no money doing that, so I should say, I'd like to write poetry in Europe, and I'd probably be living on the Thank you :)
PS.Det kommer mera frågor+svar en annan dag ;)


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