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Celebrities Nikki Reed

Are you still in contact with the actors from O.C.California and Twilight?

Nikki replies: Its tough to keep in contact with everyone you work with, just because we all go off to do different projects. It takes an enormous amount of effort to continue to have relationships or friendships with other we all have to try and be very understanding. I don't speak to my OC buddies as much anymore, but I'm VERY close to some of my Twilight costars. Kristen and I are best of buds-she's one of the most amazing people in my life...

How would you define yourself as an actress? Are you more into drama or comedy? Good luck in all of your projects! Greetings MP

Nikki replies: I think I'm attracted to more dramatic material when it comes to films, but as a person I'm extremely goofy, so at some point I'd like to find a way to combine the two worlds. Thanks :)

Hello Nikki! We are really pleased to have you as our Rosalie Hale and I can't wait to see you at the big screen. How would you define yourself as a person? What's your biggest virtue and what's your worst defect?

Nikki replies: Hm...thats tough. I think its easier to talk about defects lol! I think because of my upbringing, and moving out of the house so young, I have a very tough exterior. It really comes from a place of trying to protect myself, since I never really felt protected as a kid. I had a lot of freedom, by nature I was always very rebellious, and it took a lot of self discipline for me to grow up as fast as I did. I'd say thats what I'm most proud of. I'm still learning how to be vulnerable, and trust...

What is your favorite movie of all time?

Nikki replies: I don't really have a favorite per se but I love Schindler's List, The Usual Suspects, Requiem For A Dream, Rainman.... the list could go on and on. It depends on my mood I guess. ha! Ask me tomorrow and I may say Moulin
PS. Kommer fortsättning med frågor + svar en annan dag !


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